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Our Mission

Criminology.com was created to pave a way for aspiring Criminologists, university students and professionals to easily locate resources and information regarding Criminology degrees, fields of study, and various career opportunities. We realize the importance of this degree, and that many individuals have a dream of becoming a successful Criminologist. Many careers in Criminology help the World become a better, and safer, place to live.

Our Purpose

We are passionate about helping others reach their goals and successfully make their dreams come true. Whether you are interested in Correctional Services, Law Enforcement, Forensic Science, or Criminal Courts, Criminology.com is here to provide you with all the necessary resources on any, and all, fields of study around Criminology. We are a completely free service, dedicated to provide accurate and relevant information on Criminology training and careers.

Don’t Put Your Dreams Off Any Longer…

Let Criminology.com set you off on the right foot. There are so many advantages to earning a degree in Criminology, especially if you’d like to advance your career, or get a job at a Federal level. A degree in Criminology will not only prepare you for a multitude of job opportunities, it will also open the door to many incredible and financially rewarding career choices. Both online and campus courses are available – all around the U.S. – for those interested in Criminology. Today is the day you could take the first step towards making your career dreams come true.

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