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We are passionate about helping others reach their goals and successfully make their dreams come true. Whether you are interested in Correctional Services, Law Enforcement, Forensic Science, or Criminal Courts, Criminology.com is here to provide you with all the necessary resources on any, and all, fields of study around Criminology. We are a completely free service, dedicated to provide accurate and relevant information on Criminology training and careers.




Personal Experiences in Criminology

We have interviewed several people that have pursued a career, degree or other venture in Criminology. Get a personal insight of their experiences, recommendations and stories going into Criminology.


Mike Hawkins: Private Investigator

James Fox: Criminology Professor

Windell Shirley: Captain of Police

Angel Joiner: Criminology Student

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Let Criminology.com set you off on the right foot. There are so many advantages to earning a degree in Criminology, especially if you’d like to advance your career, or get a job at a Federal level.

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Influence of Criminology on Policing & Criminal Law

What is the influence of Criminology on Policing & Criminal Law? “He who does not prevent a crime when he can, encourages it,” said Seneca. When he uttered these famous words, the ancient Roman philosopher unwittingly described criminology, the modern study of crime. [...]

Criminal Justice vs Criminology | What are the differences?

  Find yourself wondering: Criminal Justice vs Criminology - What are the differences? The pursuits of work in the justice system and criminology share many similar requirements and subjects. Degrees in these fields will equip you to serve people affected by the lawless [...]

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