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Criminology Resources

Criminology is a growing field of study and work. The career outlook for jobs in this field is significant. People may opt to go into this field because they are already working in a field of law. Some may have an interest into the criminal mindset. Others may want to stop criminals before they become one. There are as many reasons to pursue a career in criminology as there is to become a criminal.

Criminology Organizations

Most jobs in this field will require some sort of degree. General Education Online is a list of national and international colleges. A person considering a career in criminology can use this to find a school that offers a major in their field. All of the schools listed are fully accredited ones. During their schooling, an individual may opt to join a criminology society. Many schools offer societies on campus, but choosing a nationally recognized one can open up many doors in the future. The American Society of Criminology is an international organization. This site has information on how to become a member of The American Society of Criminology. It also has employment information for those wishing to seek employment to further their career. There are frequent announcements for members about different meetings and activities. Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences is a professional organization that has members of every race, age and religion. Founded in 1963, The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences allows members to share ideas, knowledge, and thoughts about different issues in crime and criminal justice. The website has information on how to become a member, messages for members, journals published by group members, and their By-Laws.

Criminology Terminology

Criminology has a language of its own. Some of the terms and phrases can be difficult to understand. Even with years of practice and learning, it is not uncommon to hear a criminology term that is unfamiliar. Knowing how to look up these terms and phrases can save a person a lot of embarrassment at school or in the work place. NCWC is a great resource for people in criminology who needs a brush up on terminology and phrases. This site shows how each term relates to another. Academic Writing Tips has definitions for common used references in the field of criminology. UCSB offers a list of the most common used terms in criminology along with their definitions. Legal dictionaries are a good investment as well.

Criminology Theories

There is an incredible amount of theories in criminology. Most of the schooling for criminology majors will involve learning about the different theories. Crimetheory is a site that takes a look into the different theories about the mindset of criminals. Dr. Tom Conner shows how to comprehend criminal theory in three easy steps. The steps will cover translation, identification, and determining relationships. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy is a source about the criminal law theory. OK State explains different motivations that a person may have in committing a crime.

Criminology Statistics

There are many websites claiming to offer crime statistics. Unfortunately, most of these websites are severally outdated and lack current information. There are a few websites with up to date information about crime statistics. The Federal Bureau of Investigation Uniform Crime Reporting offers statistics about crime in the United States. Published each year, these statistics are up to date. Bureau of Justice Statistics also has a variety of crime statistics.

There are several resources available to those pursuing a criminology degree or to those already in the field of criminology. Many of these sites have resource pages listed with additional websites, books, articles, and videos about criminology. It is impossible to learn everything about this field while in school. It is an ever changing field. A person serious about their career ought to stay current with the new theories and news.